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Apple Story


This is a funny game for kids and adults.With Apple Story (Apple catcher) you can test your speed and accuracy with this highly addictive game.Goal: Not to let the hedgehog girls cry.You have to catch three apples and attributed hedgehog.
Plot:A hedgehog gathers apples and brings them to the girls. One of thegirls, with a red bow, gets only red apples, the other, with a yellowbow, gets only yellow apples.
The girls have two stages of feeling: happy and crying.Each of the stages keeps for a certain amount of time displaying thegirls' mood upper part of the screen as a countdown. If the hedgehogbrings an apple, the mood goes up drastically.
Do not collect rotten apples as if collected and given to one of thegirls, it negatively affects her mood. The mood is spoiled when thehedgehog brings an apple to a girl that does not match it in color.
The end game point is when the countdown expires, i.e. when a girlbegins to cry and the hedgehog is not able to make her happy by givingher some apples.
Difficulty:1. The player has to gather the apples QUICKLY so that the girls have notime to cry.2. The player has to observe not to collect three apples of differentcolors at a time.3. The player has to skip rotten apples.